Current Members

Soo Young Rieh

Associate Professor, School of Information , University of Michigan
rieh at umich DOT edu
Web searching behavior; Search as learning; Human judgment of information credibility and cognitive authority; Information literacy

Christopher Leeder

Doctoral Candidate
cleeder at umich DOT edu
information literacy, online credibility evaluation, computer-supported collaborative learning, educational technology

Grace YoungJoo Jeon

Doctoral Candidate
yjeon at umich DOT edu
Social media, Human information behavior, Social search, Social Q&A, Credibility, Human computer interaction

Ji Yeon Yang
jiyeon at umich DOT edu
Information behavior, Emerging ICT and social media in organizations, Knowledge management, Information credibility, Interpersonal trust, Web searching behavior
Dissertation: A Dual-Perspective Approach to Understanding Collegial Information Mediation in the Workplace

Sangseok You

PhD Student
sangyou at umich DOT edu
Collaborative information seeking, Virtual collaboration, Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), human-computer interaction (HCI), Computer-supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)


Karen Markey

Professor, School of Information , University of Michigan
ylime at umich DOT edu

Lionel Robert

Assistant Professor, School of Information , University of Michigan
lprobert at umich DOT edu


Beth St. Jean

Assistant Professor, College of Information Studies , University of Maryland
bstjean at umd DOT edu
Dissertation: Information Behavior of People Diagnosed with a Chronic Serious Health Condition: A Longitudinal Study

Yong-Mi Kim

Post Doctoral Associate, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University at duke DOT edu
Dissertation: The Use of Social Tags in Text and Image Searching on the Web